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Ranworth Square Primary


Year 1 Phonics Letter


Dear Parent/Guardians,

Well we've made it through the first half term of Year 1.  It's flown by!  The children have settled really well and have proven themselves to be real team players.  They've helped each other, myself, Mrs Abban and Miss Jones to settle and it's been wonderful to watch.

Year 1 can be a massive step up from Reception but each and every child has worked so hard and 100% every day.  Thank you! Keep it up!

One major difference in Year is the work that we do, particularly in phonics.  This year, in June, Year 1 undergo a Phonics Screening Check.  This is a national test that takes place in every school across the country.  It consists of 40 words, 20 real words and 20 'monster' words (nonsense words) that the children can sound out and read to their teacher.  The phonics screening checks will take place over a week and I test each child individually.  The words contain all the sounds that they began learning in Reception and all the sounds that we will learn in Year 1. 

Last year the pass rate for the phonics was 32/40 but the pass rate CAN CHANGE every year.  Due to this, the results of your child's phonics screening checks won't come through until a few weeks after they have taken it.

Phonics is really important for a child to help their progress in their reading and their writing.  It's also equally important to work together as parents/guardians and teachers to get the best out of your child. Tis is why we're sending this letter out and some phonics materials now, at the beginning of the year in order to give your child the best possible chance at succeeding at the Phonics Screening Check.  Every half term we will send home some past Phonics Screening Check materials so your child will get used to the format and so you have an example of what will happen in June.  There may also be other phonics activities sent home that will link to the sounds we've been covering in class.

I realise this can be a lot to take in.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me or Mrs Abban.

I look forward to working alongside you to achieve the best for your child this year.

Miss Billard

Year 1 Class Teacher.