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Ranworth Square Primary


Art and Design Technology

This term year 5 and 6 have been looking at our Woodworking skills, to create our own toys using cams.

We've learned how to saw, use a hand drill, a vice and even a hot glue gun!

We looked at the style of impressionism painting and focused on Monet's Japanese Footbridge. We mixed colours and then used the paint to copy The Japanese Footbridge.

Expanding our skills from our look at Claude Monet and his Japanese Footbridge, our next painting is Monet's Water Lillies.

Autumn Term 2


Year 5 and 6 have begun to explore the Zentangle patterns and are now designing their own.

Art Continued...

We have used our Zentangle patterns as a design for our repeated patterns. We picked the one we liked the most and carved it into polystyrene sheets. 

This took a lot of time and precision to ensure we produced the exact image of our design.

Zentangle Art

Today, we used our polystyrene carvings, paint and large paper to complete our prints. 

we Moved the Zentangle patterns into different positions to produce our patterns.

Afterschool Art

Our Afterschool club, have been brushing up on our handicrafts and needlework. 


We have been looking at simple, basic recipes that we can replicate at home.

Continuing Cookery

Continuing with our home made recipes that can be recreated at home.

This week, we've been creating Rice Crispy Cakes.

Our latest recipe in the simple homemade recipes is......Scones!

Even our afterschool clubs are getting in on the cooking bug!

With their own Crumpet Pizzas.