Ranworth Square Primary

Ranworth soft opening at 8:45am each day (please see letter for more details)

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Ranworth Square, Liverpool, Merseyside L11 3DG



Dear Parents/Guardians,


At Ranworth Square Primary we believe that every child should aim to attend school EVERY DAY.  The National Target of 97% is a guide that we use as the minimum benchmark for attendance.


96%      =  8 days off in a school year

90%      =  17 days off in a school year

85%      =  29 days off in a school year


Half a day per week is equal to 4 weeks off in a school year

1 day per week equals 8 weeks off in a school year.







I thank you for your continued support.


Mr R Saunders



  • First day response- Miss Jess contacts parents when a child is absent from school.
  • A home visit may be made by Miss Jess and Miss Becky if contact hasn't been made.  
  • Our attendance team has regular meetings with the Education Welfare Officer, looking at how we can improve the attendance and what actions can be taken to ensure this. 
  • Miss Jess and Miss Becky arrange to collect children from their home if parents are in a dilemma.


Child friendly policy- display and ideas

There is an interactive display that is presented at the centre of the school called the ‘Attendance Garden’. Each class is given blank flower, which a petal will be coloured in if a class wins best attendance at the end of the week. The class with the most petals coloured, will be rewarded with a trip or prize of their choice.

This display board explains the attendance policy to the children, allowing them to understand what good attendance is and what they can achieve.


Rewards the children can gain

  • Each class has an opportunity to win a proze if they achieve the best attendance.
  • Arriving to school every day and on time the children will earn dojo points.
  • If a child is a 100% Attender for the entire school year, they can be entered into a prize draw to win a n extra special prize.

(Please see photographs below of display boards presented at school).