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I am delighted to have this opportunity to welcome you to our school website.

Our school is located in the Norris Green area of Liverpool. The school provides excellent facilities and a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere for pupils, staff and visitors alike.

Children love coming to school and, as all our visitors comment, the children are so very friendly and well mannered. We would love to welcome you to our school, and if you would like to call in and have a look for yourself at what we have to offer you would be most welcome. Please contact the school's office to make arrangements.

Thank you for visiting!


Mr R Saunders,



The portal to apply for a Secondary school place is now closed. 

The portal for Reception class is now closed. Parents can still submit a late application on the LCC website. 



We would like to take a brief moment of your day to introduce our new member of the team.

*Our Therapy Dog*

Nursery Parent - "Staff work well as a team". Reception Parent - "Good at giving dojo rewards." Year 1 Parent - "The staff listen when there are concerns". Year 2 Parent - "Ranworth has been brilliant for my child." Year 3 Parent - "They have helped my son so much."  Year 4 Parent - "Ranworth always listens to my concerns and have a lovely caring staff that take good care of my children." Year 5 Parent - "Excellent communication, my daughter loves all of her subjects as there is always an element of fun, Positive attitude towards parents and children." Year 6 Parent - "Teachers do a good job put children first always ready available if you need them work well together in shared years." 

Results from our Pupil Questionnaire are in!
(All results are out of 5)

Bullying is dealt with quickly at Ranworth:  4.4 --- Ranworth helps me to understand what I have to do next to improve:  4.59 --- At Ranworth there is an adult I can talk to if something is worrying me:  4.63 ---  I make good progress at Ranworth:  4.67 --- Ranworth cares for me:  4.68 --- Ranworth encourages me to treat everyone with respect:  4.72 --- I feel safe at Ranworth:  4.74 --- I enjoy learning at Ranworth: 4.76

My child feels safe at Ranworth: 4.85 --- My child makes good progress at Ranworth: 4.85 --- Ranworth provides a caring/nurturing environment for my child: 4.83 --- The children in Ranworth are well behaved: 4.48 ---- Issues such as bullying are well dealt with at Ranworth: 4.59 --- Ranworth is well led and well managed: 4.77 --- I can contact Ranworth for support in dealing with my concerns: 4.84 --- Ranworth always updates me about my child's progress: 4.61 


Link to our Covid-19 page for further information

Can we ask parents to please notify school of positive or suspected case of Covid-19 by using this email address: covid19@ranworthsquare.liverpool.sch.uk 



  • Following Covid-19 Government guidance we are now actively urging parents to wear a face-covering when dropping off and picking up children from school. The wearing of face coverings in congested areas and where unable to consistently maintain social distancing is seen as an effective measure to reduce the spread of the virus.  Face masks will be offered at the pedestrian gates to all parents who are not wearing one when they enter the school premises to drop off or pick up their child/ren.  


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  • MOBILE PHONES are not allowed to be used on school premises. NO DOGS ALLOWED on school premises.
  • Due to safeguarding issues no parents can be on the yard between 12pm and 1pm. Children can only be picked up early if this has been pre-arranged.
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