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This week, our cohort have been working with mental health awareness week in mind. Developing their skills from the last few weeks.

We've been at it again, the past 2 weeks (last week was a bit short we know). Our troop has been working on communication and coordination as well as team structure. 

This week our troops have been working on teamwork and communication as well as coordination as we tried to cross a minefield whilst building a bridge so as not to touch the floor.

Its that time of year again,
Its the time where we build on our:
Teamwork and also
Under the tutelage of our friends from
Forces Fit.

We have enjoyed developing our strength, coordination, balance and flexibility during our yoga sessions.
Practicing the breathing techniques has improved our concentration and confidence.
Our favourite part of each session has been the relaxation at the end.
Some of us enjoyed it that much, we actually fell asleep!